Moxa-Mixture (DuQiWan 肚脐丸)- Belly Button-Therapy


Die Moxa-Mixture (DuQiWan 肚脐丸)- Belly Button-Therapy The "Du Qi Wan" is composed of mugwort (moxa), longan plum, and Sichuan pepper. Mugwort is a well-known medicinal plant in both traditional Chinese and European medicine. Longan plum benefits the heart and spleen, while Sichuan pepper expels bacteria, dampness, and cold from the body and alleviates pain.

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Moxa-Mixture (DuQiWan 肚脐丸)- Belly Button-Therapy

The Du Qi Wan (肚脐丸, Moxa Mixture Belly Button Therapy) is based on a recipe by Master HuaiJin Nan. In his books, he humorously presents traditional Chinese culture as well as Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism, providing numerous practical examples.

Moxa-Mixture (DuQiWan 肚脐丸)- Belly Button-Therapy is an ancient healing method of Daoism that spans millennia.

The healing of the moxa blend through the navel is believed to dispel dampness and cold from the body, alleviating pain. Additionally, the moxa blend can stimulate both Qi and blood circulation. In the course of the Moxa Navel Therapy, applying the moxa blend to the navel is thought to activate corresponding organ functions. This method strengthens the immune system and balances states of imbalance in the nervous system.



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