Competent language specialists for 

translations and interpreting
in language pairs –

 Chinese German/English as well as German English

We ensure, through our extensive experience and comprehensive expertise in the field of language services, that your content is conveyed accurately and in the highest quality!

Our language services cover the following specialized areas, such as:





  • Plant Engineering
  • Construction
  • Energy Supply
  • Metal processing
  • Textile industry
  • Philosophy
  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Tourism



We are your reliable partner for professional translation services in the language pairs

Chinese German/English as well as German English

Our many years of professional experience and high qualifications enable us to carry out your translations not only stylishly but also meaningfully and accurately.


Why choose a professional translator?

when it comes to important documents or business papers, human translation is essential


There is no substitute for human translations or interpreting when it comes to effectiveness!

Why choose a professional interpreter?

In today's globalized world, it is more important than ever to ensure clear and effective communication.

Our team has extensive professional experience as well as high linguistic and technical qualifications, enabling us to handle your concerns professionally and appropriately in any situation. Our expertise lies particularly in consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting can be used in a variety of situations to ensure that the parties involved can communicate effectively and accurately.

Clear Communication - Interpreting in the language pairs 

Chinese German/English as well as German English


Boost your international business success with our top-notch language services!

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