Shipping methods :


Delivery in Germany:

1) A flat rate of  8,60 €

2) Amount of order is over 108,00 €, free shipping

Delivery in the EU :

1) A variable amount based on weight, location, and delivery speed. Our extension will automatically calculate shipping charges in real time, based on weight, box size, destination, and other factors.

2) Or a flat rate of 16,00 €, amount of order is over 188,00 €, free shipping

Time of delivery:

  1. As far as in the respective offer or product no other time is indicated, standard delivery will be taken place within 3-6 days in Germany, 5-8 days in the EU.
  1. Please note that no delivery will be taken place on Sundays and holidays. If you ordered the goods with different lead-time, we will deliver them together in one shipment, provided that no different agreement with you has been arranged.  The lead-time is measured according to the item ordered with the longest lead-time.
  1. If there is a duty of cooperation on your part, after your cooperation duties have been fulfilled (such as payment instruction), the lead-time starts to be measured.
  1. The in respective offer indicated lead-time will be extended by strike and in the case of force majeure, namely for the duration of strike and/or force majeure.
  1. If the delivered goods were returned by forwarder to us, because the delivery was not possible for you, you have to take over the costs of the delivered shipment, unless that you were not responsible for a circumstance of delivery or you have been prevented temporarily for an acceptance of the goods, unless that we have announced the delivery with a reasonable time before. You don’t need to take over the transport cost of the goods if you have excised a right of cancellation effectively. By effective excising of your right of cancellation our cancellation policy applies to affected rules regarding the bearing of cost for the return shipment.